Love the skin you are in.

We live in a time where everyone is striving for a flawless wrinkle-free complexion.  As we age we loose moisture and elasticity in our skin which causes wrinkles and other signs of ageing to appear.

The Illuminance skincare range uses lightweight non-oily hydrators and skin revitalising serums to stimulate the collagen and elastin whilst helping the skin to repair and renew more rapidly.

Using the Illuminance skincare products on a daily basis can really help to rejuvenate the skin and preserve it, giving you the best chance to present yourself with the confidence you deserve.


  • There are no Animal by-products.
  • We do not test on Animals.
  • Parabens free.

Our Amazing Products

Refine - Intensive Eye Serum

Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, Has immediate filling and lifting effect. Helps improve appearance of dark circles and eye bags. Brightens eye area. Soothes and hydrates.

Recover - Active Night Cream

Powerful multifunction night cream. Deep hydration with humectants, ceramides and emollients. Peptides protect cell membranes for potent anti-ageing results. Retinol increases cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

Reveal - Glycolic Wash

Powerful multifunctioning night cream. Deep hydration with humectants, ceramides and emollients. Peptides protect cell membranes for potent anti-ageing results. Retinol increases cell turnover for a more youthful appearance.

R+ 1% - Liposomal Retinol Serum

A potent anti-ageing product with 1%liposomal retinol. Clinically proven to smooth fine lines and wrinkles. Increase dermal thickness and protect DNA for a more youthful appearance. Effective in helping improve the appearance of ageing pigmented areas.

Protect 50 - Daily Tinted Broad Spectrum Sun Protection

Organic UVA and UVB protection to help prevent lines and wrinkles. Cooling and calming with a faint fragrance of summer cucumber. Lightweight and mildly tinted to provide a much desired healthy glow. Comfortable to wear alone or under makeup without the residue often associated with high factor sunscreens.

C10 - Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum

A light daily serum to brighten the skin, offering antioxidant properties. Helping to prevent and delay ageing from harmful environmental damage, toxins, pollutants and solar radiation. A key product for those who want to prevent the future signs of ageing.

Prepare - Soothing Natural Daily Cleanser

Suitable for all skin types. Contains high levels of Vitamin C to help prevent wrinkles, dark spots and promotes the production of collagen. Helps fights bacteria and inflammation that can lead to skin problems and breakouts. Calming and soothing. Can be used as a wash or dry with makeup removing pads.

Excellent tips to keep you looking younger. 

Be Generous with the sunscreen

It is well acknowledged that the effects of the sun can be damaging on your skin, causing pigmentation spots and increasing the chances of skin cancer and also fine lines.  It is best to use a sunscreen on your face which is at least factor 50 to give your skin the maximum protection it deserves. We recommend Illuminance Protect SPF 50.  This product is a highly-photostable broad spectrum of lightweight physical sunscreen containing a clinically proven filler to protect against the effects of UV.  It is easily absorbed with a natural tint and can be used with or without make-ups

Shrink the pores in your skin.

As you age the pores in your face can become clogged up with dirt and makeup which makes them stay open and larger.  Washing regularly with a glycolic acid wash can remove the dirt in the pores and help to shrink them. This makes the skin appear smoother.  This process also helps to fade fine lines on the face. We recommend Illuminance Reveal which is a combination of Glycolic and Citric Acid to gently remove the build-up of dead skin together with Salicylic Acid to remove impurities and excess oil.  This combination will cleanse the skin and increase the cell turnover, revealing new younger looking skin.

Get more sleep.

Getting the right amount of undisturbed sleep each night is so important.  Get to bed just 15 minutes earlier. In order to help with this you may wish to reduce the amount of screen time just before bed and have your last caffeine drink early in the afternoon.

Use plenty of anti-oxidants in your face cream.

Antioxidants are a great way to protect your skin against sun damage and pollution. We recommend Illuminance C-10 which contains L-asorbic, a form of vitamin C which is easily absorbed by the skin for greater potency.

Remember to use Retinol.

Retinol is probably the only cream that has been clinically proven to reduce the fine lines over the long term.  Retinol should be used conservatively as it can increase the sensitivity of the skin to sun exposure. This is why it is better used at night.  We recommend Illuminance Recover (0.5% retinol) or Illumance R+. These products improve cell turnover and reduce pore size resulting in firmer, younger looking skin.  They also help with pigmentation and uneven skin tone.

Stop smoking and think about your alcohol intake.

Smoking causes wrinkles by destroying the collagen and the elastin in the skin. Did you know that too much alcohol can increase inflammation in the bloodstream thereby hasten sagging over time?

Change your habits.

There are certain habits that contribute to premature wrinkles, which you could easily stop or reduce.  Avoid resting your head in your hands and sleeping on one side of your face as this stretches the skin.  Avoid drinking frequently through a straw as this encourages the fine lines around your lips to occur. Wear sunglasses even in the winter sun as squinting can cause the fine lines around your eyes, frequently known as crown feet.

Brighten up your eyes.

The skin around the eyes can become quite thin and pigmented.  Using an intensive eye cream such as Illuminance Refine actively works to rejuvenate and repair the signs of ageing.  It contains a blend of Vitamin E to hydrate, Almond Oil to repair and protect against the signs of ageing.

What about your neck and hands?

These are the parts of your body that can really defy your age.  Always treat your neck and hands with the same respect and products as you use on your face and they will not betray you in photographs.

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